Here's what you need to know as you begin your M State career

Our 成功的航海家 are here to guide you along the way! 访问 我们的成功导航网页 了解更多.

Check out this page 为 all the in为mation you need about:
  • 重要的日子
  • 成功的步骤
  • 技术
  • 支付大学学费
  • 填写FAFSA
  • 咨询服务
  • 社会工作者
  • 退伍军人服务
  • 住房


回顾M州 预定的事件重要的日子.



Determine how you will pay your bill 为 tuition
  • 申请经济资助 和 meet all requests 为 in为mation from Financial 援助 office
  • 申请 军事利益
  • 建立一个 付款计划
  • Pay your bill online in 电子商务 or at the bookstore (initial payment must be 15 percent or $300)

如有问题或需要帮助,请发电子邮件 CampusStore@明尼苏达州.edu 或电话:

底特律湖- 218.846.费格斯瀑布3727号- 218.736.1556摩尔海德- 218.299.6570瓦迪纳- 218.631.7825


这 valuable experience will help prepare you 为 your time as an M State student 和 set you up 为 success. 你可登入 http://welcome.Minnesota State.edu/ us荷兰国际集团(ing) your Office 365 SSO login in为mation. 如果登录有问题, you can either call 218-299-6600 dur荷兰国际集团(ing) business hours or 提交罚单 at http://bit.ly/3MyawNx.


为m lets us gather some basic in为mation about you 和 your needs as you transition to college. You can expect a Success Navigator to reach out to you to connect you to resources after completion. 这 为m should take no longer than five minutes to complete. 完成 为m 今天. 


The 可访问性资源 office (为merly Disability Services) partners with faculty, staff 和 students to remove disability-related barriers to education through reasonable accommodations 为 qualified students.

Our Accessibility resources page has in为mation on services, 校园联系及服务申请.

Make any needed adjustments in your life schedule
  • 安全可靠的托儿服务
  • 改变你的工作时间表
  • 和你的家人讨论学习时间
  • 安排前往校园的交通
  • 设定教育目标
探索 SpartanNet

访问你 SpartanNet page 为 links to 电子商务, your M State email 和 D2L.


Complete all required online prevention train荷兰国际集团(ing)s be为e classes begin

Check your M State email 为 detailed instructions.


访问你 campus Student Services office or contact us at 877-450-3322 为 details on how to obtain your park荷兰国际集团(ing) permit.


Get your student ID at your campus library. ID cards provide access to campus events 和 bookstore charg荷兰国际集团(ing). 此外:

底特律的湖泊: 学生 can use their ID 为 unlimited rides with Lakes Transit 和 access to the 底特律的湖泊 Community 和 Cultural Center.

费格斯瀑布: 学生 in on-campus hous荷兰国际集团(ing) use their student ID to access their meal plan in the cafeteria.

学习: 学生 can use their ID 为 free use of the MAT bus 和 access to the on-campus Fitness Center (为 students enrolled in at least one on-campus class).

Wadena: 学生 can inquire at local businesses to see if there is a student discount.




StarAlert is your campus emergency 不ification system, 和 你应该在这里报名.

Locate your classrooms 和 familiarize yourself with campus resources.

Check your class schedule just prior to classes start荷兰国际集团(ing) as room assignments may change.


Apply here if you're financial aid-eligible.


你的问题可以通过拨打/得到解答1点给我们发短信.877.450.3322年,访问荷兰国际集团(ing) www.明尼苏达州.edu/HELP 或者去学生服务处.





StarID is your unique username that provides you with s荷兰国际集团(ing)le sign-on to many of your M State resources. To activate your StarID, change or reset an expired password,请访问 http://starid.minnstate.edu.

Once activated, you can use your StarID 和 password anywhere that accepts StarID. 它在所有明尼苏达州立大学中都是独一无二的.


  • 电子商务     
  • 校园计算机
  • 印刷
  • 无线接入
  • 电子邮件
  • 网站Brightspace
  • 明尼苏达州立大学资源

注意: Your StarID password will expire every 180 days


SpartanNet is your one-stop personal portal to all your college resources, 包括电子商务, 网站Brightspace, 电子邮件和更多. 


至: www.明尼苏达州.edu. 点击 SpartanNet链接, 在页面的右上角. 输入StarID和StarID密码. 一旦你登录了, 你会看到以下链接:去D2L上课, 帮助链接, 电子商务, 技术支持和电子邮件.


电子商务 is a place 为 you to register 为 classes, 检查你的学位审核, 看看你的成绩单, 查看最终成绩, 回顾你的经济援助, 支付你的账单等等. 登录到 SpartanNet 使用你的电子服务.


D2L is the online course management tool faculty use to post your class in为mation. 

  然后点击 去D2L上课.

通过SpartanNet登录您的D2L点击 技术帮助 从下拉菜单中执行 系统检查 确保你的电脑系统 compatible 和 properly configured 为 D2L. 单击 工具 & 帮助资源 选项卡查看计算机要求.

您也可以访问 如何使用D2L亮空间教程.

注意: The most current browser versions of Edge, Firefox 和 Google Chrome are 支持. ie10及更早的浏览器 支持.


M State campuses have computer labs available 为 student use. When sign荷兰国际集团(ing) into a campus computer, log in us荷兰国际集团(ing) your StarID 和 StarID password. Please 不e that classes may be tak荷兰国际集团(ing) place in labs. 入场前请检查. 这是实验室的位置:


费格斯瀑布: 图书馆,L148和S432

学习: 图书馆、D119、E119及公共区域

Wadena: 图书馆和N11a

注意: 学生 must save all files to a usb flash drive or online to OneDrive. The campus computers, once restarted, delete any saved in为mation.


Email is the official means of communication at M State, 和 it is your responsibility to check email regularly. You will be required to set up multi factor authentication when you sign in 为 the first time. 这样可以保证你的邮件安全.

You'll need to wait until after you're registered to set up your student email.


1. 登录SpartanNet.

2. On the left side of the page, click on the green 电子邮件 & Office 365按钮.

3. 使用电子邮件/用户名登录 starid@go.minnstate.edu.

4. 输入SpartanNet密码.




The quickest way to get help with an IT issue is to 提交罚单 通过SpartanNet或搜索我们的 帮助网站条目.


你想知道该买什么电脑吗? Follow this link to find computer requirements 为 specific programs. If your program is 不 listed, it means it does 不 require a computer.


所有学生从12美元开始.每学期50个免费印刷学分. Follow these links 为 more in为mation on 你的印刷信用安装校园打印机. To check your print balance anytime, log into SpartanNet to see the print荷兰国际集团(ing) balance displayed on your page.


Zoom is the official web conferenc荷兰国际集团(ing) tool 为 M State. 访问我们的帮助网站 in为mation on install荷兰国际集团(ing), access荷兰国际集团(ing) 和 us荷兰国际集团(ing) Zoom.

免费Office 365

Office 365 is available as a free download 为 all M State students. 点击 here 为 more in为mation 和 instructions.


Campus computer help centers can be contacted at:

  • 底特律湖- 218.846.3764
  • 费格斯瀑布- 218-736-1656
  • 摩尔海德- 218.299.6600
  • Wadena - 218.631.7873



Your options 为 paying 为 college include:

  • 现金/支票/信用卡
  • 金融援助
  • 奖助金
  • 贷款
  • 军事利益

Here are answers to common questions about paying 为 college:


  1. www.明尼苏达州.edu.
  2. 点击SpartanNet(页面右上方).
  3. Log in us荷兰国际集团(ing) your Star ID 和 Star ID password.
  4. 点击“电子服务”(网页左上).
  5. 点击账单 & 付款(左侧菜单).
  6. 选择帐户详细信息(左侧菜单).
  1. www.明尼苏达州.edu.
  2. 点击SpartanNet(页面右上方).
  3. Log in us荷兰国际集团(ing) your Star ID 和 Star ID password.
  4. 点击“电子服务”(网页左上).
  5. 点击“经济援助”(左侧菜单).
  6. 选择奖项(左侧菜单).
How do I apply 为 campus work-study positions?
  1. 申请 financial aid by submitt荷兰国际集团(ing) the FAFSA.
  2. 提交录取通知书.
  3. 回顾勤工俭学职位 www.明尼苏达州.edu/work-study/.
  4. Meet with the Financial 援助 Office to determine your eligibility.
How can I avoid be荷兰国际集团(ing) dropped 为 non-payment?

All 明尼苏达州 colleges 和 universities have a tuition policy where a student's registration may be cancelled from their courses if 不符合特定的付款标准.


大发彩票平台提供Nelnet/NBS 便捷付款计划. 学生 can also enroll each semester in a 付款计划 option through 电子商务 via SpartanNet. Please 不e: When you set up a 付款计划, a deposit is required; so do 不 pay a deposit to the college also, as the payment to Nelnet meets the requirement to secure your classes.


Tuition payments are accepted at all M State 校园商店 通过电话或亲自. 网上付款也可以在你的 电子帐户.


是的! M State计划提供超过470美元,000 in 奖学金 in the 2023-2024 academic year, thanks to our two foundations: Fergus Area College Foundation, 为费格斯福尔斯校区的学生提供服务, 和M州立基金会和校友, which serves students of the 底特律的湖泊, 穆尔黑德和瓦迪纳校区.

To learn more about these foundations 和 the 奖学金 they offer, 点击这里.


There are many resources available when search荷兰国际集团(ing) 为 external 奖学金. 

Get Scholarship 帮助 With These Basics 和 Tips

Other resources may include (but are 不 limited to):

M State is also a North Star Promise Scholarship program-eligible institution, mean荷兰国际集团(ing) Minnesota residents who attend M State may be eligible 为 this state-sponsored "last-dollar" tuition- 和 fee-free pathway to college. For full details, includ荷兰国际集团(ing) eligibility requirements, 看到我们的北极星承诺网页在这里.

Can M State share my financial in为mation?

If you want M State to be able to discuss your account with a family member or friend in regard to financial aid, 账单问题或税务信息, you will need to sign a Release of In为mation 为m, 在我们的 表单页面 档案处表格.

Is direct deposit available 为 overage checks?

To receive overage checks from financial aid or refunds more quickly, enroll in direct deposit thr足够的电子服务(in SpartanNet). The direct deposit link is found under Student Employment on your E-Service portal.



访问我们的 为大学网站付费 有关资料包括:



Respond to all requests 为 in为mation from the college.
  • Check 电子商务 为 your financial aid status (e.g. 状态信):

      登录SpartanNet > 电子商务 > Financial 援助 > 援助 Application Status.

  • Requests will be sent to your M State student e-mail account:

      登录SpartanNet > 电子邮件 和 Office 365.

Review the Offer Letter sent to your M State student email account
  • Grant fund荷兰国际集团(ing) will automatically apply as payment to your student account.
  • 申请 the Federal Direct Student 贷款 (if plann荷兰国际集团(ing) to use loans).

      完成步骤1-3 to apply loan funds as a payment to student accounts:

1. Submit Loan Request: 登录SpartanNet > 电子商务 > Financial 援助 > Review & Respond to Award Notifications > 贷款 > Follow steps to accept 和 submit

2. 完成入学辅导 www.studentaid.政府/ entrance-counsel荷兰国际集团(ing)

3. Complete Master Promissory Note (MPN), MPN 为 Subsidized/Unsubsidized 贷款 at www.studentaid.政府/或然数/

有更多问题吗?? 访问你的校园或学生服务中心 电子邮件我们. If you 电子邮件我们, remember to include your full student name 和 M State Student ID number.


    The counselors at M State are here to help with any situation that may interfere with the success of students. All services are free of charge to students. 访问我们的 site to make an appointment with the next available counselor.



    • Career interest 和 personality assessments
    • 技能和价值观的澄清
    • 在线职业资源
    • Identification of barriers to career success
    • 抑郁症
    • 焦虑
    • 悲伤/损失
    • 关系问题
    • 性身份
    • 自信的技能
    • 自尊的问题
    • 从错误中学习
    • 药物和酒精滥用
    • 饮食失调
    • 向大学的过渡
    • 物理/性/情感虐待
    • 学业警告、留校察看或停学
    • 学习策略
    • 压力管理
    • 考试焦虑
    • 学习风格
    • 学习技巧
    • 时间管理



    M State college social workers are available to assist with learn荷兰国际集团(ing) about 和 access荷兰国际集团(ing) resources such as:

    • 住房
    • 财务状况
    • 法律
    • 安全
    • 照顾孩子
    • 运输
    • 健康和福利
    • 食物和营养需求


    • 协助填写表格
    • 协助处理申请
    • 推荐
    • Mediation between students 和 social service systems
    • 跟进以确保服务的启动

    点击 here 了解更多 about M State social workers or make an appointment.


    M State has a regional coordinator who can assist veterans 和 their eligible family members with access荷兰国际集团(ing) the right benefits 和 educational programs. 访问我们的 veterans services page 为 more in为mation about our veterans services 和 a link to a benefit sign-up 为m.

    The M State campus libraries are available to help students with a wide range of services, 包括:

    • Computer labs with desktop 和 laptop computers
    • 印刷、扫描及影印
    • Reference support -- both on-site 和 virtual
    • 监考(预约)
    • 学习的房间

    图书馆的开放时间因校园而异. 访问 the library website 为 current hours 和 in为mation.


    大发彩票平台的学生有多种选择 住房选择, depend荷兰国际集团(ing) on which of our four campuses they attend.

    报名参加Smart Workshop!

    启动智能工坊 is a 2-hour event designed 为 all new 和 transferr荷兰国际集团(ing) students. 这 workshop will connect you with resources to help you reach your goals 和 achieve success. You will go through items such as access荷兰国际集团(ing) your email 和 sync荷兰国际集团(ing) email to your phone. You will review different ways to pay 为 school 和 log into your account to make sure items are completed 为 financial aid process荷兰国际集团(ing). You will meet other students 和 view your upcom荷兰国际集团(ing) schedule. 

    The online workshops are open to all M State students. Campus-based workshops are best suited to students who will be primarily attend荷兰国际集团(ing) those campuses.